The Stirling Alliance — Service Champs

The Stirling Alliance - Service Champs

The Stirling Alliance brings together the efforts of The Stirling Center for Excellence with the research of Pulse of the City News and City Beat News. All three organizations are committed to recognizing customer service excellence and providing resources to companies and organizations to help them continue on the path of excellence. Pulse of the City is dedicated to searching out excellence in the building and construction industry, while City Beat is geared toward finding customer service champions in a variety of fields. The Stirling Center provides resources such as courses, team training, executive coaching, articles and more to support those organizations that are focused on providing the ultimate customer experience. As part of that mission, The Stirling Alliance is shining a light on those companies, individuals and organizations that are truly exceeding in the customer service arena. Stirling is proud to identify and recognize these companies and individuals who are true Service Champs.