About The Stirling Center for Excellence

Welcome to The Stirling Center for Excellence

The Stirling Center Mission: To research, identify, recognize, enhance and promote excellence. 

The Stirling Center has a life division, a government/nonprofit division and an organization/commercial division. In each area we periodically identify and report on “Service Heroes” that provide an example and inspiration to us all.

The Stirling Center combines a research/reporting/news function as its outreach to citizens and consumers, bringing word of great service experiences and inspirations. Additionally, through its learning and resource center, it provides businesses and other organizations with “customer first” learning tools, including courses, team training and support, executive coaching, articles, and case studies focused on excellence and how to integrate the ultimate customer experience into their organizations.

The Life Division/Individuals focuses on excellence relating to individual life experiences — finding instances of service excellence and/or inspirational excellence to acknowledge, appreciate, be inspired by, learn from, promote and share.

The Government/Nonprofit Division pursues a parallel path in regard to individual service rendered in either the government or nonprofit sectors.

The Organization/Commercial Division addresses the same interests in the business and commercial arenas, among other areas. The Customer Experience Revolution is all about the development of an excellence in service culture in commercial enterprises. The Stirling Center for Excellence strongly supports this trend and the organizations that live it every day.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.”

- Aristotle