Divine Roofing provides Award-Winning Service to Colorado Springs

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Divine Roofing - Double RainbowActs of God are intimately linked to the roofing industry. No one knows this better than Mike Moore, owner of Divine Roofing in Colorado Springs. Years ago Moore was battered by life circumstances and in urgent need of a paycheck with a purpose. Twelve families with homes battered by the weather in his neighborhood were in urgent need of roofs. Divine Roofing was born when Moore stepped up to help. He swiftly secured a roofing license and dove deep to learn best roofing practices. By methodically completing one roof at a time on a shoestring budget, leveraging profits from one job to cover the next, Moore landed twelve loyal clients and a sustainable business model: be honest, work hard and communicate effectively.

Today this family-owned business is busy building five roofs per day in the Colorado Springs region with an enthusiastic team of more than 35 employees. Over the past six years they completed 3500 residential and commercial roof replacements and countless roofing repairs, earned GAF Master Elite® certification, and consistently received a five-star customer service rating and “best-of” status in their industry.

Divine’s secret is a point-of-view that puts customer experience at its core. Staff is fiercely dedicated to clients who, more often than not, are in crisis at first point-of-contact. Many customers have lost their homes, don’t know the cause of damage or cost of repair, are dealing with sickness due to mold, or feel backed into a corner with no means to pay for services. Crisis intervention is a day-to-day practice for Divine and engaging empathetically is a significant component of doing business. Moore describes his office manager, Lillian, who excels in compassionate listening and respects the human experience: “She’ll stay on the phone with callers helping them prioritize their needs, calming fears, educating, and presenting solutions until potential customers feel empowered to move forward. Catastrophes aren’t fun and people need to feel safe and heard when dealing with the unknown.” In addition to counseling clients, Divine’s team of certified experts mitigates customer challenges through free upfront inspections and estimates, flexible financing, post-installation inspections and surveys, and a 10-year workmanship warranty and free maintenance program with every roof installed. These services can solve potential major catastrophes when they are discovered as minor problems in an annual inspection, or solve major catastrophes with a manageable plan of action thoroughly understood by weary homeowners. Divine can also offer discounts to established clients when an emergency arises because Divine understands the history of their roofs through pre existing relationships.  Moore sees Divine Roofing as a customer service company primarily, with an expertise in roofing. He adheres to a motto of building trust through …“building roofs, building employees, building families, and building relationships.” Moore continues, “We operate on principles of integrity and honesty which show up in our fair pricing, knowledgeable and straight forward advice, quality construction, and our commitment to extreme communication and efficient follow-up.” To that end, his team reviews every job every week to make sure they get things right. Third-party surveys, public reviews, and onsite quality assurance checks bring them a better understanding of the customer’s perspective and their workmanship, and allow them to effectively implement real-time process improvement. Divine knows customer service begins by investing in employee relations – employee awards and incentives are given to those who display initiative in the customer service area. Staff development opportunities are also provided. Divine fosters a team mentality, there are no competitive commissions or cold calling or passing the buck. Everyone’s strengths are validated and supported so that all employees can thrive, work cohesively with the greater team, and take responsibility for quality outcomes. In the end, everyone rises and falls together with a solid base salary and quarterly bonus so they can radiate true confidence when interfacing with customers.

Divine also supports employees and customers by leveraging cutting-edge technology such as security systems that provide minute-by-minute weather updates, aerial photography for inspection, project management software with an online portal that enhances communication between front office/crew/suppliers/clients, group text messaging between team members, and a streamlined trash containment systems to name a few. Social media keeps Divine connected with the broader world where they can post company updates and timely educational articles, as well as gain valuable feedback and referrals. Outside of technology, community relations are highlighted by an annual Thanksgiving roof giveaway in this region where hail damage is widespread. Divine also has solid relationships with area property management firms so they can quickly respond to community needs during weather emergencies.

From heads of municipalities to property owners and managers to real estate agents, Divine Roofing has the roofs covered in the Colorado Springs region, working on-call when necessary 24/7/365. Customers describe Divine as “very professional and knowledgeable,” “trustworthy,” and “far exceeding expectations”.  Divine Roofing is located at 216 Auburn Drive, Colorado Springs, CO. For more information you can call Divine Roofing at (719) 497-1005, or go online to their website at https://www.divineroofinginc.com. Visit their award page at https://www.pulseofthecitynews.com/company-details/7403t234/Divine-Roofing-Inc/Colorado-Springs/CO.

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