City Beat News: 3 Proven Tips to Engage Customers

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The Digital Age has caused a major shift in how businesses operate. The evolutionary nature of technology, and more importantly, the ever-changing ways in which technology is being used by consumers, can be daunting for some companies. More tech-savvy, informed, and impatient than ever before, the Digital Age has completely transformed the modern-day consumer. While figuring out how best to engage customers might seem confusing at first, technology has actually provided countless new methods to engage with consumers and increase your brand’s presence.

City Beat News is a research and publication company based in Lapeer, Michigan. They are behind the City Beat News Spectrum Award, a national award given to small businesses who excel in customer service and satisfaction As experts in their industry, they have learned how to adapt to the 21st century business model. Continue reading for three trips on how to engage customers in the digital age according to City Beat News.

1. Prioritize Modern Technology

Being a tech-minded company with tech-savvy employees is key to engaging with customers in the digital age. This doesn’t necessarily mean having the newest computers or mobile phones, but it does mean having the necessary technology that allows your business to compete and stay relevant in the digital world. This pertains to both the internal processes of a business, as well as its external marketing efforts. One example of internal technology is cloud computing. If your team isn’t already using the cloud, this is the first step. The cloud creates a virtual office, enabling you and your employees to connect to your business from any location, at any time of day.

In addition to the flexibility that comes with moving to cloud computing, businesses who use the cloud have lower IT costs, improved communication and collaboration between employees, and increased protection of your company’s valuable data. In terms of external marketing efforts, you need to make sure that your business is up to date on the latest digital trends. Mobile apps and social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are imperative when it comes to reaching a wider audience and engaging with them meaningfully. After all, studies show that customers are looking at a company’s social media pages before visiting their website. City Beat News asserts that prioritizing modern technology is crucial when it comes to engaging with the 21st century customer.

2. Grow your Customer Service Team

In this digital age, everything is instant. Customers expect to be able to buy what they want, when they want, and businesses have to cater to this need. Amazon is one of the most successful companies in the United States, in large part because they have been able to adapt to the needs of the ever-evolving consumer. With transactions happening in real time and customers prioritizing immediacy (one study found that 75% of online consumers expect an answer within five minutes), Amazon introduced same-day and next-day delivery options in cities across the country, as well as a customer service team that is available 24/7.

In essence, businesses who can provide instant gratification to their customer base will have an edge. According to City Beat News, the way to do this is by growing your customer service department, both in terms of number of employees, as well as methods of getting in touch. Companies nowadays not only have customer service phone lines, but also instant chat and email options on websites, social media and mobile apps to help best serve their customers.

3. Don’t Be Afraid of Live Video

Live video is the marketing trend of 2019, shares City Beat News. Though Instagram Live launched in late 2016, it’s only over the past two years that it’s become a popular feature of the platform. It’s become so popular in fact that other platforms, like Facebook, have followed suit. Some businesses might be inclined to treat the live video trend as a passing fad among the youth of America, but that would be a mistake.

Companies that have taken advantage of live video in the past year – Buzzfeed being a prime example of this – are not only connecting with a wider audience, but they’re expanding their customer base, increasing their brand recognition, and even generating PR buzz. “Going live,” or posting a live video online, allows viewers to gain insight into your brand in a fun and casual yet informative way. It also creates a conversation between you and the viewers, who can provide their feedback and ask questions in real-time. To foster brand loyalty, receive invaluable product feedback, and engage with customers in your demographic, live video is key.

City Beat News’ Final Thoughts

The above three tactics are proven to help increase engagement with your consumers. Each technique can be implemented alone; however, to get the best results City Beat News suggest you exploit several (if not all) of these options simultaneously. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of strategies, but it is an excellent starting point for companies seeking for stronger engagement rates. Whatever your current level of technology utilization, you have the opportunity to take advantage of tools that are readily available to you in order to better serve your customers and potential customers. Implementing new technology does not need to be daunting. Prioritizing modern technology, growing your customer service abilities, and using live video will keep you ahead in the race with your competitors and– your engagement rates will thank you!

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