Harmony Electric Wins Pulse of the City News Customer Satisfaction Award

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Earning the highest rating of 5 stars for customer satisfaction, Harmony Electric is among Texas’ most recent Pulse of the City News honorees.

Houston, Texas: Achieving the highest possible rating of 5 stars, Harmony Electric Company, Inc. was recently honored among Texas companies awarded The Pulse of the City News Customer Satisfaction Award for providing outstanding customer service.

Pulse of the City News is committed to finding and honoring those companies in the building and construction industry that have provided an excellent customer experience for their customers. The Pulse research team analyzes research and information gathered from many sources, including nominations, online business and consumer user-review websites, blogs, social media, business-rating services, and other credible sources, and determines a yearly rating for each company. Companies that receive the highest possible rating of 4 to 5 stars earn the Pulse Award.

Family owned and operated, Harmony Electric has been serving the commercial and residential electrical service and repair needs of Houston and the surrounding communities for three decades. “We strive to provide a great service at a reasonable cost with qualified electricians,” says company President Laura Virgadamo.

“Hiring and maintaining qualified technicians who genuinely care about our customers and the quality of their work has been a key factor in earning us this award for customer satisfaction — and not forgetting to thank our customers,” says Virgadamo. “We are truly grateful to our customers who made it possible to receive this award because of their ratings and reviews, and we promise to continue striving for excellence.”

Harmony Electric is committed to “harmony” and what it represents. “Achieving this harmonic balance requires true skill, real knowledge and a strong ‘doing it right the first time’ commitment with values rooted in craftsmanship and professionalism,” says Virgadamo.

The team at Harmony Electric works diligently to meet customers’ needs in a variety of ways. The company is dedicated to strict adherence of the National Electrical Code, as well as local safety requirements. Furthermore, it is an active member in numerous professional trade associations and organizations to keep up with evolving technology. Employees also participate in ongoing training programs to improve their skills, enhance their knowledge and increase their areas of specialization. Most importantly, the Harmony Electric team participates in neighborhood organizations to build a better community for future generations.

About Harmony Electric Company, Inc.

Established in 1985, Harmony Electric provides residential and commercial electrical services ranging from major commercial maintenance contracts to small residential repairs. Services include, but are not limited to, energy management, code corrections, security lighting, LED and induction lighting, inspections, and surge protection.

Harmony Electric is located at 811 Yale Street in Houston. For more information, call 713-863-8428 or go online to www.harmonyelectric.com.

About Pulse of the City News 

Pulse of the City News dedicates itself to advancing excellence in customer service throughout the building and construction industry. We conduct research on customer experience in the industry on a rolling basis, independent of any industry participants to ensure its objectivity, using a balanced proprietary methodology of measurement. Ratings are reviewed annually and published on our website and through other means. Through The Stirling Center for Excellence we provide training courses and other resource materials supporting increased customer service excellence.

For more information about Pulse of the City News, call 866-732-9500 or go online to www.pulseofthecitynews.com.

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