Divine Roofing, Inc. Wins Six Consecutive Pulse of the City News Customer Satisfaction Awards

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Colorado Springs (June 4, 2019): At Divine Roofing, Inc. the goal is not just building roofs, but also building employees, building families, building relationships and building trust. Since the company opened its doors, it has maintained these goals while offering customers a great experience every time. Pulse of the City News has once again recognized the company’s efforts, honoring it with its sixth consecutive Pulse Award.

Divine Roofing, Inc. was established in 2012 out of a desire to provide the very best possible roofing services. From just a handful of clients that first year, the company has grown and has completed more than 4,000 full roof replacements for residential and commercial clients. Just as in those early days, customer service has always been the foundation of Divine Roofing. “We approach each and every project with a listening ear to what our clients want, need and expect while advising them on the best possible roofing solution to meet those needs,” says Owner Mike Moore. “We have also developed several systems to make certain that the process is fully understood by them from beginning to end.” To ensure that it is truly providing the best customer service, Divine Roofing uses a third-party company to survey its clients at the end of every project. “We then use the feedback gained from these surveys to help us continuously make the course corrections needed to remain a 5-star rated company,” says Moore.

One of the ways Divine Roofing serves its clients, even after the job is done, is through its annual maintenance program available for every roof it installs. “This gives our clients the peace of mind knowing that we are keeping an eye on their roof, and this enables us to catch any potential big problems in the early stages while they’re only minor problems.” Another way Divine Roofing serves its customers is through cutting-edge technology to help streamline quality control, customer service and project management including aerial photography, specialized shingle-handling equipment, Green disposal, and the very latest project management applications that keep our team and our clients abreast of every project detail from the initial phone call to the issuance of the final warranties and beyond.

Divine Roofing has earned a reputation for producing consistently reliable work by partnering quality workmanship with a commitment to customer satisfaction. Moore credits his company’s six consecutive Pulse Awards for Customer Satisfaction to providing customers with fair pricing, honest answers, solid advice, quality construction, communication and great follow up.For more information about Divine Roofing, call 719-465-1835 or go online to www.divineroofinginc.com. Visit the company’s Award Page at https://www.pulseofthecitynews.com/company-details/7403t234/divine-roofing-inc/Colorado-Springs/CO. The leaders behind Pulse of the City News and The Stirling Center have a lifetime of experience in the real estate, building and construction fields in news and publishing. Pulse of the City News, rooted in the building and construction industry, has teamed with The Stirling Center to bring the benefits of the “customer experience” perspective to the industry. The two firms are dedicated to recognizing building and construction companies and individuals that successfully embrace the combination of quality product and exemplary customer service, and providing services to them and others aspiring to embrace both objectives.

The Stirling Center provides “customer-first” learning resources, including articles, courses, and training tools and materials on customer-oriented performance.

Pulse of the City News and The Stirling Center are located in Lapeer, Michigan. For more information, call 866-732-9500 or go online to www.pulseofthecitynews.com.

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