Are Real Estate Agents Optimizing Social Media?

Are Real Estate Agents

Plenty of real estate agents use social media to post current listings and little else. Leveraged wisely, social media is a compelling tool that can transform an online audience from passive internet surfers to active clients over time. Each post creates an accessible forum to promote real-time dialogue that builds your credibility as a trusted, knowledgeable professional.

Not everyone browsing real estate listings is ready to buy. People search online to learn about communities of interest to them and how those communities might enhance their quality of life. As real estate agents, we can do more to share our expertise online. We can educate. We can provide resources. We pay attention to our online users’ unique needs as a go-to authority.  (1) And, most importantly, we can build relationships that support our clients, potential clients,  and our business.  

Balance Bragging with Gratitude

Clients and potential clients log on to check out an agent’s record of success. Go ahead and post your accomplishments with pride, this gives validity to the depth of your experience and knowledge. Remember to temper your pride with equal amounts of boasting and humility. Thank clients who have purchased a house and wish them continued happiness in their new home. Showcasing these satisfied customer relationships on social media can lead to new customers through a positive feedback loop.

Show Your Human Side

People are attracted to people. Don’t be shy, show a little personality! Occasionally sharing photos or videos that feature you with clients, family, or friends can reflect  your softer side. This can be an important insight for potential clients when combined with your professional profile. Don’t hesitate to sprinkle in a personal picture or heartwarming story when the situation calls for it. Timing – how many posts and how often – is important when sharing your personal life in a professional setting. Practice the “less is more” rule to ensure you meet your objective with the greatest  impact.

Update Appropriately

Always remember that social media never dies. Certain kinds of updates can kill business  image and integrity in a heartbeat. (2)  The usual suspects – political commentary, fake news, current events – serve to divide people rather than bring them together. Online Followers with opposing views may unexpectedly engage in misleading or hostile feedback that creates confusion about your intention to your audience. In the end, community building is key. Avoid negative backlash by investing time upfront to create thoughtful and strategic posts. This will preserve the integrity of your online conversation and communicate your responsive nature.

Avoid Promotional Pitfalls

Followers tend to be turned off by overly promotional material on a social media page. Case in point: platforms like Facebook have started to filter out content on news feeds that is deemed too promotional. By balancing promotional content with pertinent  blog posts and infographics, agents can share listings or promote a specific offer without overwhelming their social media followers or encountering content filtering.

An agent knowledgeable about topics that support a purchasing transaction (3) – such as home improvements, community demographics, and interior design – can act as a more relevant professional than one solely marketing properties. If a piece of content is well received on social media, share it again in a different context or create new content in related posts based on lessons learned from the original.

Respond to Your Audience

Agents can fail to properly manage social media by ignoring a follower’s comment or neglecting to update pages in real time. Like any other relationship, social media requires commitment. When you stay on top of it, your audience understands that you are interested and available. This is powerful. Create time in your daily routine to review your social media pages, reply to comments, and ask or answer your followers’ questions. This habit will help you optimize the impact of social media on your business by building trust with your audience.


Provide the Right Content Mix

Five to ten years can pass before a client is ready to buy again. Ask yourself what they need in the meantime to nurture an ongoing relationship with you. These satisfied home buyers play an important role as a dynamic reference or subject matter expert for your business. By only focusing content on immediate home buyers and sellers, you can miss out.

Think about the importance of adding content with a broader appeal. Followers are most likely to share home, food, and lifestyle topics, according to a real estate news source. Consider working do-it-yourself ideas, self-improvement information, and organizational tips into shared content to boost engagement rates and linger in the reader’s mind. Remember that approximately eighty percent of content should be focused on the needs, wants, and likes of clients – put yourself in their shoes.

Create Steady, Sustained Engagement

There’s no magic that makes an agent popular overnight. However, there are guidelines that can help you give clients more of what they want which can organically improve engagement rates. Play with the timing and frequency of postings. Check out the social media efforts of other successful agents for inspiration. Take heart! You can easily learn how to grab the attention of an online audience and foster mutually-beneficial, long-term business relationships using social media.


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Justin HavreKnown as an innovator in real estate, Justin Havre is an award-winning realtor working in the Calgary region of Canada. Justin’s forward-thinking nature has earned him ongoing recognition. By developing, implementing, and continuing to specialize in cutting-edge online marketing strategies, his business has experienced sustained growth. He boasts more than twelve years experience in the industry and is known by many as one of North America’s mega agents. Integrity, authenticity, loyalty, and expertise are among the core business values that drive Justin’s business model, endorsed by Barbara Corcoran, real estate mogul and founder of New York City’s number one brokerage firm and  industry celebrity on Shark Tank.

As the team leader and marketing expert with Justin Havre & Associates of RE/MAX First, Justin, with his dynamic team of trusted real estate advisors and support specialists, engages a wide variety of buyers and sellers – from first-time home purchasers to seasoned investors – to provide personalized service focused on client needs.

Justin describes his experience:

“…always learning and loving every moment of the journey” with  “…passion for our awesome team at Justin Havre & Associates”

Justin’s clients and colleagues describe their experience:

“…Justin continues to lead the next generation of Calgary realtors.”

“…I have 100% complete trust in Justin and felt he always had my best interests in mind.”

“Justin is not like most realtors. He looks out for his client’s best interests, not just the bottom line. He looks beyond the day-to-day tasks as a agent and always finds that extra edge to sell your house. He listens to his clients and understands what clients need most. “

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