A Cut n’ Edge Wins the Pulse of the City News Customer Satisfaction Award

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Pittsboro, Indiana: Landscape contractor A Cut n’ Edge was recently honored with The Pulse of the City News Customer Satisfaction Award for providing outstanding customer service.

Pulse of the City News is committed to finding and honoring those companies in the building and construction industry that have provided an excellent customer experience for their customers. The Pulse research team analyzes research and information gathered from many sources, including nominations, online business and consumer user-review websites, blogs, social media, business-rating services, and other credible sources, and determines a yearly rating for each company. Companies that receive the highest possible rating of 4 to 5 stars earn the Pulse Award.

A Cut n’ Edge received the highest possible rating of 5 stars, demonstrating a high level of customer satisfaction. The business, which began in 1999, is a full-service landscaping company offering mowing, fertilization and weed control, leaf removal, shrub trimming, hardscaping, irrigation, and snow removal.

“I believe that a lot of our success has to do with the honesty, quality and professionalism that we instill into the business,” says Owner Dustin M. Stamm. “Every customer is treated with the utmost respect and honesty. Without great customer service, we have no business.”

A Cut n’ Edge does more than simply provide services to clients. “Our company culture is focused on bringing landscape education to our residential clients and to provide sound advice when asked,” says Stamm. “We also maintain our local parks and medians in the community; we like to keep the community looking clean and neat.”

About A Cut n’ Edge 

A Cut n’ Edge traces its roots to Owner Dustin M. Stamm’s father’s company, Stamm’s Landscaping and Lawn Care, and later MoMasters. His brother took over the company, which became Green Image — a company that still exists today performing lawn treatments (spraying). In 1999, Dustin took over the mowing portion of the company, converting it to a full-service landscaping business.

The company is located in Pittsboro, Ind. For more information, call 317-892-4457 or go online to www.acutnedge.com.

About Pulse of the City News 

Pulse of the City News dedicates itself to advancing excellence in customer service throughout the building and construction industry. We conduct research on customer experience in the industry on a rolling basis, independent of any industry participants to ensure its objectivity, using a balanced proprietary methodology of measurement. Ratings are reviewed annually and published on our website and through other means. Through The Stirling Center for Excellence, we provide training courses and other resource materials supporting increased customer service excellence.

For more information about Pulse of the City News, call 866-732-9500 or go online to www.pulseofthecitynews.com.

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